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21 Jun 2022
CEO/ Managing Director | Climatize Engineering Consultants

Engi Jaber

One of the region’s leading, award-winning and sustainability experts and recognized as one of the 50 Most Impactful Smart Cities Leaders (Global Listing) endorsed by the UN, Engi is the founder and CEO of Climatize Engineering Consultants – an award winning and rapidly growing sustainable and environmental specialty consultancy firm in the Middle East.

Through a passionate commitment to the environment, Engi works creatively and collaboratively with organizations to improve their capability and facilitate achieving sustainable development projects. She has built her career with a proven record of substantial carbon emission reductions, energy savings, boost in green infrastructure and enhancement of occupants’ well-being across several hundred green projects in the MENA region and was personally involved in the formation of several local and private green laws and legislations.

With a large focus on long term impact on people, planet and profits, and employment of smart technology solutions across her portfolio, Engi established Climatize to help the construction industry stakeholders achieve their sustainability KPIs, implement innovative energy conservation measures, optimize smart management practices and improve indoor air quality with ease and via an integrative learning experience. Her knowledge with business and understanding of people is invaluable, she gets to the heart of what really drives high performing, motivated and productive teams and raises the bar on delivering outstanding sustainable design and construction developments that have a true positive and measurable impact on the environment.

She is also known as a judge, expert subject panelist, and recognized for her knowledge and sustainable influence.